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RotArticles is a platform for all who love to write and publish their Blogs and Articles.The main aim of this project is to spread literature in society and to make aware the World.This site contain articles and blogs on different topics.

This is an opportunity for youth to enhance their knowledge and to spread this knowledge to others which is the  social need of our society.Many students of different universities from different countries have joined us.Currently,we have Collaboration with 48 Rotaract clubs and 09 Volunteer from 18 Districts and 8 Countries.

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RotArticles Journals

is also published every month that contain a lot of interesting things besides articles and blogs.It include following features:

• Monthly Edition
• Emailed to 2000+ Rotaractors, Non-Rotaractors and Rotarians.
• First Page theme on the basis of Top first most browsed article position.
• You can send your poems for journal.
• If you have any online business you can send its flyer for free promotion.

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E-Certificates to top 3 Positions.

• Certificates on the basis of most Browsed Article.
• Positions Announced on 3rd of every month

Domains of Writing Articles:

RotArticles Domains in which you can write Articles or blogs

  1. Promotion of peace
  2. Fighting Disease
  3. Water disaster/ clean water
  4. Basic Education
  5. About progeny/family
  6. Community service
  7. Sustainable environment
  8. Human rights
  9. Tourism/tourist sights of your country
  10. Professional development/personality building






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