This world is a global village. Every person here is connected emotionally or physically.

I pondered over it. At first, I was embarrassed as we all know. The Devil is in the details and the human mind is limited. We cannot even dream of a beautiful, well-built world like the one in which we now live. The world is not a problem. We are! And as a long-time meditation expert with Metta, I realized that Earth was just as good as it is. We are the ones who need to be born again. We need to build a new personality. This morning on my daily commute to my neighborhood came to me. What I can do is “If I could run the world”.

I can let all creatures live in freedom, peace, happiness, and health. My meditation on Metta is my desire for a new Person in this same beautiful world that we share. Because it is not just the people who are affected by our chaos. All creatures suffer because we do not see them, do not elevate them to a level of importance, do not understand. Earth Fabric is captured with solid, shiny pieces and pieces of magic, physics, and Love.

However, being a Person, when I get used to Metta there is probably one person I always leave out. Myself. Not on purpose because Metta is very clear about putting ourselves in the freedom, peace, happiness, and life we ​​send to all people.

I just slow down in remembering that I am part of the equation.

My understanding of my journey this morning, as I practiced Metta as a motivating reflection in our safe and secure environment, was this: I saw that the New Personality begins with each and every one of us.

It begins when we see all creatures, everywhere; loved ones, friends, passersby, enemies, creatures, plants, all people, and WE as worthy and able to achieve freedom, peace, happiness, and health.

When we can create a new personality Divine will provide us with a New World. But it must always be HIS vision, His game plan, His guiding wisdom. We are part of Him and by allowing our inner workings to open up His opportunities we become part of the solution instead of continuing to be the problem of the world today.

“May the road rise up to meet you.

 May the wind always be at your back.

 May the sun shine warm upon your face,

 and rains fall soft upon your fields.

 And until we meet again,

 May The Goddess hold you in the palm of Her hand.”

– Irish Blessing from Hersel

Author: Rtr. Ayesha Anwar
Club: Rotaract Club of the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. (RAC UAF) 

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