Poverty and Mental Health in Pakistan
Poverty and Mental Health in Pakistan

Poverty and mental health problem is the cause of concern for Pakistan. Poverty has increased in Pakistan to 5.4 percent in 2020.

According to World Bank, poverty becomes almost 39 percent of the total population of the country. There is a huge number of population living under the poverty line.

However, it has produced many other ailments of mental health, depression is one of them. Psychological disorders create due to depression and poverty is the fountainhead of depression.

Prime minister Imran Khan said in his first speech spotlighted the consequences of poor nutrition on the health of our offspring.

However, weak mental health and mental disorder are also due to depression which has been ignored. Social media has further increased depression when youth look at the splendor lifestyles of elites. These psychological problems become also a source of suicides. Sindh province is the most affected in Pakistan.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) suicide rate has reached 8.9 in 2019. Most suicide occurs in the age bracket 15 to 30 years. Psychological disorders also become a source of other crimes in our society, divorce rate also increased in our society.

Almost all mental illnesses are due to depression and come due to poverty, weak academic performance, and others, World Bank report said that a quarter of Pakistan’s population lives under the line of poverty. So, it’s necessary to care for our health.

Government should have work to alleviate poverty and should make policies to create jobs or to distribute the money among the Poor. It is necessary to be paid adequate consideration to mental health, it is also pivotal for government to start awareness programs about mental health in different cities.

Government should fulfill the necessities of poor people such as food, shelter, education, health, and others. It would be a sign of progress if these problems are alleviated. People’s mental power would become strong. They will cooperate in the development of the society. And also the crime rate would become low.

So, if we want a happy and healthy Pakistan then we should pledge to ensure the health of impoverished families.

Author: Sher Jan
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