The day initiates for a person with the sound of the morning alarm. People wake up to follow the same monotonous routine and fall into slumber when the sky darkens with a feeling of emptiness. The mind screams that I want something. But despite knowing what it might be, people choose to ignore it or remain oblivious to it. This emptiness signifies the deprivation of peace

Peace Making Is a Collective Responsibility

Peace is a unique thing. It is not achieved alone. It can not be attained without knowing its value and knowing what it is. Peace is an effort and responsibility that bears fruits when people work for it collectively. It is assumed to acquire through the self-improvement of one individual. But in reality, it is attained through the self-improvement of mass. 

Universal responsibility is the key to human survival. It is the best foundation for world peace.

A single persons’ efforts can momentarily bring peace to that person and the people around him. In the long run, these efforts without due recognition and reciprocation will wear that person down. Like a car can not run on one dandy and three flat tires. Similarly, it is not possible to maintain a peaceful world solely based on a few individuals’ struggles. It is human nature to want something in return for what he gives. Being a saint is not a facile feat to achieve. 

In other words, ideally, it seems nice to do something without expecting anything in return. But realistically speaking, a typical person can’t entertain this idea for long. Hence, it is difficult being faced with so many typical people in the world. To desire peace, one must make endeavors in his respective field.

The belief that peace is desirable is rarely enough to achieve it. Peace requires responsibility. Peace entails sacrifice.

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Everyone has a part to play, and every role can work wonders. It all begins with every accountable individual doing everything within their ability. To do what is right and what is needed. Parents have a vital role in inculcating a sense of chivalry and accountability in future leaders of the society. Their role in return will lead to the prosperity of society. A prosperous society leads to a peaceful nation.

But if you had no person to show you the ropes, that does not make you any less responsible. Because conscience is what everyone has in common, telling you precisely what course of action is required. House does not become home on its own. Also, a factory does not prosper into an industry on its own. The nation does not make itself out of a haystack. For everything, there is a price to pay. And so does the peace. The price for peace is accountability. 

At end of the day, no amount of individual effort can fill the void within people. Let’s make a collected struggle, being attentive to everyone’s needs. For peace, we wish for. It is said that unity brings about strength. And that strength is what we call peace.

Peace is more than the absence of war. Peace is accord. Harmony.

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Author: Rtr. Maheen Javed

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