Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (NTBT)
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (NTBT) by United Nations General Assembly on 10th September 1996

The comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty is the treaty which prohibits nuclear explosion anywhere in the world. Countries that ratified the treaty can’t produce nuclear arms. This step was taken by United Nations General Assembly on 10th September 1996. Because after the cold war, proliferation of nuclear arms had accelerated the arms race between States.

America was the first country which had tested the nuclear explosion in 1945. Many countries were involved in this race. Russia was the second to design the hydrogen bombs. Although seven to eight countries have still not ratified the treaty. Ghana has recently signed the treaty in 2011. The remaining countries like America, China, India, Israel, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, and North Korea is still in the arms race with each other. America and China are rivals. Pakistan and India are contenders. Similarly, Iran and Israel are also competing in this race.

Treaty can’t enter into force, till to complete ratification. And almost 180 countries have ratified. But the surprising thing is that all under-developed countries are looking toward stronger states.

The powerful countries are competing with each other. They are producing modern nuclear weapons and balancing the power with superior ones. It should be kept in mind that if this race went too far then the world would face great casualties in future. Humanity will be destroyed.

All these countries are spending huge amounts of wealth for balancing their power with their rival. The crux of the matter is that the developing countries have been feared about.

In the future, they are privately working on nuclear proliferation. So, it is mandatory for the countries which have still not ratified the nuclear test ban treaty to step up and signed the treaty. And it’s a very serious matter the whole world is in danger.

If war started between two countries, it would ultimately lead to nuclear war and huge loss of lives and destruction is possible.

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