Peace is the name of harmony among individuals or groups in the absence of hate and hostility. Peace isn’t just about love and cordiality among people, but also about mental health. If someone isn’t at peace mentally how does he/she can bring peace to society?

Need For The Global Peace

From the beginning of civilization, humans have been trying to maintain harmony although they are destroying it. Human nature is a combination of love; hate, compassion; envy, virtue; evil. Because of this diverse nature, humans are responsible for peace as well as war. In the world, the distribution of power and money isn’t equal.

Man has a greedy nature and wants to be superior, due to this; people fight to gain power, money, and superiority. As in history, there were many wars just because of this greed. The most devastating were world wars which affected the whole world.

Only in World War I, which continued from 1914 to 1918, for four years, were there 20 million deaths and 21 million wounded.

While in Second World War from 1939-1945, 70-85 million people lost their lives, and it was the deadliest military conflict ever in history. In this war, the United Nations detonated two cities of Japan, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, with atomic weapons, which affected the people so terribly that a large number of people continued to die even after months of the attack.

People, over there are still suffering because of radiation poisoning caused by nuclear weapons. Besides these world wars, the history of this world is full of countless wars just fought to gain rule and power.

In this century, wars between the countries have turned into cold wars, but the civil wars are still there. After World War II, United Nations was founded in 1945 to maintain international peace, friendly relationships and to promote living standards and human rights. But the point to ponder is that still after the creation of the United Nations mankind is crying out for peace.

Like Ronald Reagan, an American politician and former president said:

Peace is not the absence of conflict; it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.

Now it is essential to take decisive action to promote peace at the national and international levels. On the international level, every country is required to respect the foreign policies and boundaries of all other countries and they need to solve their conflicts through negotiations.

Need For Global Peace

While on the national level, every single citizen has to develop good moral values to respect other people’s interests. Because a peaceful society is the one that ensures the protection of its citizens’ lives, honor, and property. 

Desmond Tutu, a human rights activist, said:

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.

Moreover, peace is much more essential in this era than ever in history, because man has developed so many dangerous weapons like atomic bombs that can perish this world all at once. If we fail to build a peaceful world, then we should be prepared to see the world crumbling.

AUTHOR: Rtr. Tooba Saleem

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