Your vision is yours, but never yours alone.
Whatever you make do with the painting would determine what your tomorrow (and that of countless others) would turn out to be, irrespective of the power such vision carries.
We are better off without these visions with the potent option of living an extremely average life.

Run your vision with a burning passion
Run your vision with a burning passion, not to Tarshish but to Nineveh

A wise man once said; A person with an unyielding revelation is a mad man until such painting is manifested and actualized in reality.
In simple terms, whatever your goal is, whatever that idea of yours is, even with the slightest belief that its potential could change the world; even a tiny slice of the world _come what may not let go!

  • Perhaps as an entrepreneur, you have a crazy vision that at times does not even make sense to you (yeah, I know it is a lot to take in). Your so-called friends take off when you need them.
  • Perhaps, you are at a roadblock, dead-end, and due to lack of capital or essentials to forge ahead: This phrase is what I call ‘A Period of Refinement‘.

Sit up-tightly; get intentional.
If your painting is not actualized, it is all on you.

“In 1960, Tim Monaghan and his brother James, took over the operation DomiNick’s (now Domino’s) an existing location of a small pizza restaurant chain. The deal secured a down payment of $500. Then the brothers borrowed $900 to pay for the store. The brothers planned to split the work hours evenly. James did not want to quit his job as a full-time post man to keep up with the demands of the new business. Within eight months, James traded his half of the business to Tom for the Volkswagen Beetle they used for pizza deliveries…”.

Tim Monaghan & James – Domino’s

Today, Domino’s Pizza has over 18,000 stores in more than 90 countries with thousands of employees and a Net Income of about £39.7 million in 2020. Such a start!

Always strive to see the bigger picture!

Why should you start? Why did you start the race in the first place? Did you start, not finish? It is not about you alone anymore – the world is waiting on the manifestation of you!

Build yourself, run your vision with a burning passion, not to Tarshish but to Nineveh…

Don’t be James, don’t trade your half.

Forgive such friends and associates. After all, it is a mighty big revelation.

Author: Eniolorunda Olawale Bankole-Adams
Club: Rotaract Club of University of Agriculture Faisalabad

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