Water is about one-third of the earth. It is such a necessity, which did not let other essentials dominate.

We aspire to land on Mars, to inhabit there, to start a new world there. But the major problem is water, apart from dangerous cancer-causing radiations.

Water on Mars is present either in the form of ice or vapors. It is unusable in that state. We need liquid water to survive instead, which is abundantly available in earth’s oceans.

Then why do we always get advised to save water, although we know that earth is not running out of water?

To save water does not only mean to store water; it also makes us keep it clean. As clean water runs through into two cycles: 

Firstly, the water gets evaporated due to high temperature, creating rain which trickles down, ultimately streaming down into oceans.

Secondly, water seeps down into the earth by troughs and then gets back from hydrothermal vents. So water comes back into the ocean in any way.

Earth had formed 3.8 billion years ago. The water inside it is still there; the only way we are losing water is by polluting it. Thus, making it useless. 

It is all in our hands to save water or to lose water. But it will be here on earth, either clean or filthy.

“The glass of water you are drinking from; it’s every drop has passed through a dinosaur.”

Since the origin of water, it had been used repeatedly by all the species. Then they excrete it, and the next ones reuse it.

So, do not let water waste by merely a bit of carelessness. Earth is your habitat. All the resources in it are also yours, so you must keep them clean, safe, and preserved.

Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.     

(Albert Szent Gyorgyi)

Author: Rtr. Seemab Kausar

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