Failure “Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter; Try Again, Fail Better.”

Failures in life are an obvious thing. When you are doing something great, surely you will face failure. Bad things and failures happen when you are planning something outstanding and going towards the best of your goals in life.
Most of the chances are that failure comes mostly to those people who have fears, who have fears to cope with the challenges, who don’t have passions to achieve their goals, who don’t give their best, and who quit.

“Ever tried? Ever failed?
No matter;
Try Again, Fail Better.”

(Samuel Beckett)

A person fails when he doesn’t manage his work with full responsibility. When a person is not serious about doing his work surely, he will face failure. There must be discipline and management in everything that you do.

You must be sure that first I have to finish what I am doing then move next. Some people start doing work when they find it difficult they don’t finish it. You must search for it, get knowledge about it. But don’t leave it unfinished, it leads to failure. 

You fail when you don’t have self-confidence. So, you must have set your goal and stick to it with full confidence. When you have a fixed goal in your life to achieve then you should be confident about it and should make the best efforts to achieve it.

During all this, you do have not to care for what others will think. It’s your goal you have to think about it and yourself. You have to live your life not others will live your life. Therefore, it shouldn’t matter what others will think!

Failures give us experiences in life. We fail when we have no experience of doing something when we start again after failure and with a better experience we succeed. We learn with failures. When we remain committed to our work and start after a failure with the experience we don’t fail at that place where we failed for the first time. 

Maybe we fail at some other point while going towards our success but this time we will fail with a better failure. You must try again by staying committed to reaching your goal with a better experience and not repeating the first mistakes.

It’s a normal thing to fail when you have no experience but it’s a very strange and disappointing thing when you don’t learn from your failures and don’t start again.

What do I do, When I fail!

Here I go, what do I do When I fail? As described earlier failure is an obvious thing. I do fail and after failure losing, hope is also certain. I do lose hope for some time. But I don’t stop there.

When you are confident about your goal to achieve it no obstacles can stop you from achieving this. People also become obstacles in achieving our dreams but we do have not to think about it. We should not care for what others are saying and what they are thinking just focus on our dreams and go for them. Set a Goal and achieve it.

I learn from my failures. And I get experiences. I use those experiences for bringing goodness to my work for the next time. On basis of those experiences that I get from my failures, I plan my next moves. I do planning of what I have to do next? Which strategy should I use now?

“Just because you fail once,

doesn’t mean you are going to

fail again at everything.”

I accept failures for bringing betterment in myself. The success that you achieve after failures is real success. It’s the success that makes you a real living gem. Sudden success is no success. Sudden success makes a person arrogant and hollow who doesn’t know how to handle challenges that will come in life. Success after failures makes you a humble and successful person.

Final Words on Failure

I keep on moving by accepting my failure and learning from my experience and it becomes easy. The more I move ahead, the more I learn and the more wiser I become.

Author: Rtr. Ayesha Anwar
Club: Rotaract Club of University of Agriculture Faisalabad

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