Money-making is the last and ultimate goal of individuals, no matter how. But everyone is one hundred percent sure about the fact that he has to make money.

The thing which persuades us to this bitter desire is our keenness for a luxurious life. We want to have everything that other people own, even though from which class we belong.

Everywhere and all the time, we are surrounded by posters of expensive luxurious commodities. We wish to own them all even by knowing that we cannot afford them. It is human nature to desire and then to struggle to attain dreamy desires. 

Like a student who studies hard to get good marks, which will lead his way towards a job career. Like a marketer who desires to sell his product, the more he can, to make maximum money out of it. Likewise, every single person lusts to excel in a profession. Not because they want to be more skilled or they are passionate about it. (except for very few) But their goal is to make money.

“Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn.”

For that purpose, people will chase illegal means to draw out money from wherever they will find an evil hope. In this way, they indulge other people in trouble too who are trying to be honest, and they also persuade those people to do so as this might be an easy option for them.

“Find your spirits, and no challenge will keep you from achieving your goals.”

Instead, if students start working to gain knowledge, the workers start to amass skills, and government servants become honest with their service; money would chase them in the form of a reward.

Chase purpose and money will chase you

So be the one whom money chase, not the one who needs to chase money.

Author: Rtr. Seemab Kausar

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