Financial Education: Learn To Manage Money. Why do we struggle financially? By Afsa Saqib. Assets as residual income, salaries for liabilities.
Financial Education

Do you remember the time? When our parents said how they missed an opportunity to buy land which is millions of worth now. They did not buy the land. Because they thought it was a risk. Now they regret it!


Same with 90% of people, they do not take risks. All they want is safety and security. It’s their core financial value. No matter as if you teach them a way to become more than average, they shall always praise the concept of safety and security.
And they will be bound to become educated slaves of the corporate world (trapping themselves into a 9 to 5 trap to fulfill the dreams of CEOs and the owners of the giant companies).

Now the 5% who rely on their selves and they do everything all by themselves. They don’t give a hoot about teamwork. They are the smartest of all in the room and have ego problems. Alas! these people are trap in their own time because they are boss of themselves after all.

About 95% of people will struggle with their finances because they believe in earning actively and not passively. Instead of building a pipeline (Residual income), they carry buckets (paychecks/salaries).

With passing time, they carry even big buckets and start calling themselves wealthy. But in reality, they are not because we misinterpret the true definition of wealth that is:

Wealth is a person’s ability to survive so many numbers of days forward- or, if I stopped working today, how long could I survive? 

(By R. Buckminster Fuller)

A prosperous life is much better than living below the belt. A prosperous life is about having good health, wealth, mindfulness, healthy relations, genuine respect in society, and peaceful life.

Let’s talk about the 5% of people out of which the 4% own businesses because they believe in teamwork. They recruit smart individuals in their team, smarter than themselves. They’re successful in their lives as they build their cash flow assets and build pipelines instead of carrying big buckets. They make passive income resources. Their core financial value is to build wealth, and they own a system that works for them. 

Lack of money is the root cause of 99% of issues/problems of people; my mentor said, “the root of all evil is the lack of money.” Which is true.

About 1% out of 5% are investors. They are genuinely wealthy persons. They have true time freedom and financial freedom as they make money work for themselves while the rest of the world works for it. Doctors, engineers, lawyers, actresses, actors, and everyone who works under someone; they all work for money! 

We struggle with our finances because our values are not clear. 

So,we chose the wrong direction. We do not know anything about our finances and have no idea about money transparency.

Ask the mass inside your skull a simple question. Tell me the ways to live better in the world. 

How can I build my pipelines instead of living in a bucket-carrying world?

(This concept is explained in The Parable of the Pipeline Book by Burke Hedges)

Your brain will answer it, listen to it carefully, and decide your direction. Persistently work for it until you achieve what you have been longed for! 


To become a financially stable person, stay focused on building your assets (puts money into pocket) instead of buying liabilities (takes money out of pocket) and increase the cash flow more than your expenses.

You shall become more than average and keep this simple observation in your mind. It is explained beautifully by Robert T. Kiyosaki in his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. That is:

  • The rich buy assets.
  • The poor only have expenses.
  • The middle class buys liabilities they think are assets.

So, if you want to get yourself out of financial problems, clear your core financial values. And get the financial education from the books written by successful people, economists, investors, etc. You will never get this financial education from your institutes! Keep that in mind.

Author: Afsa Saqib

Institute: University of Agriculture Faisalabad – UAF

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