It’s too hot; we are at the edge of endurance. We all are complaining about irritating hot weather. But to whom we are complaining, none of us knows. On these hot summer days, ever-lively gossips transformed into babbling about the firm hotness of climate. What is the reason behind this burning breeze and red glowing sun?

We all are the reason behind it; but, we never bother to think of it. We used to blame others, even for those things which we had done. But in this case, there would be no use in making each other accountable for the current situation. The things which we have done, it had done. Now, this is the time to think about our present and prospective.

We are facing an intense climate with a continuous reduction of water resources. Our natural habitat is endangered. It is going to be extinct in the coming years. We are disrupting natural resources to build our houses and to live in a comfort zone. But we are forgetting. This planet earth is our house too. We need to care for it.

If you let it (ozone) in today, it will let you out tomorrow.

Animals are going to be extinct; so are the plants. Because, our true attention is towards building houses, establishing industries, and promoting power machinery. Which is ultimately the cause of abolishing natural habitats and polluting the atmosphere. The pollutants extracting from power machinery and industries include carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons, causing the destruction of the ozone layer, resulting in ozone holes. Ozone holes allow hazardous ultraviolet rays passed down to earth. It then acts in a way, causing global warming along with many more dangerous diseases.

It causes glaciers to melt, water to evaporate, animals are dying of scorching heat and thirst, plants are shriveling of high temperature, we are losing the God gifted things every day. That day is not so far when this planet will lose us. But, before that, we need to pay attention to this issue as soon as we could.

The solution to this problem is in our own hands. Our little steps could make huge changes in solving this critical problem.

We must not waste water; use this precious resource in limits, don’t waste food; waste food element eliminates methane gas which plays an alarming role in global warming. Don’t cut trees; instead, start growing plants and trees for a clean future, just like our amazing past; which our ancestors have lived in.

Don’t hunt animals, let their population exceed maximum limits. Don’t burn forests, heaven for wild
animals and a source of rain, for which we are longing badly.

Currently, the government of Pakistan has announced 20 extra marks for those students who will plant trees. It is a good step towards raising awareness among students on the serious issue. Instead of being numb in such a critical situation, take little steps on your behalf. Consequently, it would be a great contribution overall.

It is never too late to think about your house, the only thing which matters is to think.

Seemab Kausar

Author: Rtr. Seemab Kausar

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