I am an ordinary person. It took me 17 years to comprehend that life is not a bed of roses. You will face challenges, and rejections will be there. You will lose your dear ones too. At some point, you will find yourself shattering into pieces. But do we know that why such things happen to us? Thats where the spirituality came.

The Almighty wants us to come closer to him. That is why he creates such situations, indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed we will reach to him. (Quran 2:156) 

Allah(SWT) has created us as superior, the Crown Of Creation (the noblest of all creatures). Then the angels then why our lives are full of disappointments. 

I guess, it’s about faith. If you have a firm belief that the Almighty would not let you down, then nothing wrong could happen to you. And do not lose hope in the mercy of Allah; Indeed none lose hope in the mercy of Allah except the most ungrateful people. As Allah says in Holy Quran, “Do not lose hope.” It means the trials are temporary. This time shall pass too. 

Famous mystical poet, Bulleh shah, has a distinct vision about faith. I have seen the rising stars fall. I have seen the love and light to broken hearts. I have seen the manipulators climbing the hills while present in the bed. I have seen the precious are rolling in the streets. I have seen, the orphans and neglected one’s, have been taken care of. If God bless you with his trust, you can walk through the fire and even on the water. People say that the pulses do not cook properly. But I have seen the cooked stones. Buliah, who did not honor and respect his friends. I have seen them deeply regretting. This is called true faith.

When everything seems to you devastated, just trust the almighty. He will open a door for you unexpectedly. As he resides in our hearts. All we need to do is to look into ourselves. 

You have learned so much and read a thousand books, have you ever read yourself? You have gone to mosque and temple, have you ever visited your soul? You are busy fighting with Satan, have you ever fight your intentions? 

You have reached the skies but have failed to reach, what is in your heart? The word Ikhlas had mentioned in the Holy Quran. It means to have faith in God’s beings and his attributes. The main thing is just that we need to focus on our Imaan and try to develop Ikhlas as Allah has mentioned in surah-e- Ikhlas. 

The active participle form of Tawakkul is used in 38 passages in the Holy Quran. It means that Allah will make the ways for the impossible things. So do believe in Allah`s miracles; indeed miracles are for the believers. And don’t let the trials destroy your Imaan.

Author: Rtr. Hajra Noor

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