Pakistan had been facing myriad environmental issues that for many years. If I talk about the impacts of climate change, they can be found in everything and everywhere.

Environmental Issues In Pakistan and Solutions by Warda Malik

Environmental issues are not only affecting Pakistan in every respect by every means, but it is also impeding its economic growth and development. So, proactive action is the need of the hour to curb the impacts of the environmental issues not only on the economy of Pakistan but also on human beings and other living and non-living organisms.

Various environmental issues like; deforestation, global warming, land degradation, water pollution, air pollution, light and noise pollution. They result from various anthropogenic or human activities. So, we had to stop the unnecessary anthropogenic activities to curb and lessen the impacts of the environmental issues in Pakistan.

Reduce carbon footprint, plant trees, recycle, take part in tree-plantation drives, green school programs, climate strikes, and many other youth initiatives.

Raise awareness regarding the various environmental issues and their impacts and solutions among the general public. Try to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

As charity begins from home so start taking steps from your locality and community.

Be green, live green, and love green.

Author: Wardah Malik
Institute: University of the Punjab, Lahore.

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