A large machine was imported from Japan for a famous company in the UK. It was priced in the billions. A team had come from Japan to install the machine. One of them is a 20-year-old respectable man, who was more active and was smiling at everyone and talking.

The manager of the UK Company did not like the sight of the boy. Sends an email to a Japanese company to have installation work started in a couple of days.

“We would have bought the machine. Have you added the iconic boy to the service team? What tour have you come up with? All were sent to rooms from the airport. That guy shouldn’t touch the machine to get it installed tomorrow. What’s so significant about a goat’s head?” This is the essence of the email he sent.

The immediate reply came in the mail. “Please apologize to us for the mistake. We send a little senior to the team in response to that boy. The boy will be there. But he will not handle the tool.” Like they said the older one was replaced. The senior started to work with the team. The boy was with them too. But he sat a little further away from the machine where it works. The team sits together for tea breaks, lunch and talks about installing the machine in two days. The work is completed successfully.

On the way, there is a sense of guilt as a symbol for this UK company executive. It seems that the email should not have been sent so harshly anyway. The boy comes to the place with a smile on his face. He feels that if he is told this he will be heartbroken. To be with everyone on the team, he says: 

“Sorry! It is a multi-crore project. If there is any problem with the installation, the money will be a big loss of time. That’s why I asked for a little senior. But in this team, such a little boy wasn’t right. That’s it.”

The newcomer tells the boy to stay with the same smile. “It’s okay sir. We place great emphasis on customer feedback. We accept what you said. If this machine is well installed, we run it. But one thing,” he hesitates.

       “No problem, tell me whatever”.

       “I was the one who worked at the company store. I don’t even know this machine, not even any ABC.”

The administrator was shocked.“So you weren’t ready for installation work?”

       “I just went to this boy and asked him what to do and did what he said.”

“How did that guy, who didn’t come to machine instruct, you followed his instructions?”

It is possible. He is the one who invented this machine.”


Don’t judge a book by its cover

Author – Rtr. PP. Rangeesh
Club – RAC Patna City
RID – 3250

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