Today let you know some facts about Sanskrit. After knowing these 20 facts about Sanskrit you will be proud to speak Sanskrit

Sanskrit, the mother of languages. After knowing these 20 facts about Sanskrit you will be proud to speak Sanskrit language.
20 Facts About Sanskrit

Sanskrit Facts – Interesting Facts About Sanskrit

  1. Sanskrit can be considered the mother of languages.
  2. The official language of Uttarakhand is also Sanskrit.
  3. Sanskrit was the national language of India before the intervention of the Islamic invasion.
  4. As per NASA, the clearest language spoken on earth is Sanskrit.
  5. Sanskrit has more words than any other language in the world. Currently 102 billion 78 crores 50 lakh words in Sanskrit dictionary.
  6. Sanskrit is a wonderful treasure for any subject. As the word ‘elephant’ has more than 100 words in Sanskrit.
  7. NASA has 60,000 manuals written in Sanskrit in manuscripts. NASA is researching them.
  8. In July 1987, Sanskrit was considered the “best language” for computer software development – Forbes Magazine
  9. Compared to any other language in Sanskrit, the sentence ends in fewer words.
  10. The only language in the world is Sanskrit, which is used to speak all the muscles of the tongue.
  11. According to the American Hindu University, a person who speaks Sanskrit will be free from BP, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. Speaking in Sanskrit keeps the neurology of the human body is always active; a person’s body becomes active with a positive feeling.
  12. Sanskrit ′Speech Therapy′ is also helpful in improving concentration.
  13. The people of Muttur village in Karnataka speak only Sanskrit.
  14. The ‘Sudharma’, the first daily newspaper in Sanskrit, Started in 1970 whose Online version still available today.
  15. There is a great need for Sanskrit teachers in Germany. Sanskrit is taught in 14 German universities.
  16. According to NASA scientists, when a message was sent to astronauts in English, the message turned upside down as the words moved; thus the meaning of the message was changed; they used multiple languages, but each time the same problem comes up; finally, they sent the message in Sanskrit because the meaning does not change even if the Sanskrit words are turned.
  17. You will be surprised to know that the algorithm in Sanskrit is not in English if it is a computer-based method of solving mathematical questions.
  18. 6th and 7th generation supercomputers developed by NASA scientists, based on the Sanskrit language by 2034.
  19. Learning Sanskrit sharpens the mind and increases the power of memories. That is why Sanskrit has been made a compulsory subject in many schools in London and Ireland.
  20. At present Sanskrit is taught in technical education subjects in at least one university from universities in more than 17 countries of the world.

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