Life on the Earth has never been easy. But that doesn’t mean, we can use it recklessly.

In recent news, it is reported that a tiny worm came back to life after freezing for 24,000 years in the Siberian deep freeze. This is due to the melting of ice caps which is caused by global warming.

Earth’s temperatures are rising to an alarming level. It’s confirmed that this century is going to be the hottest. If you are in a tropical country you could half boil an omelet on the road. We cannot do anything just by accusing our previous generations. We must realize that it’s high time and act accordingly.

Life on the Earth has never been easy. But that doesn't mean, we can use it recklessly.

Saving Earth’s resources must be the first of our concerns. Because it takes over millions of years to form petroleum, coal, and natural gas. Even though we know how to use renewable resources like solar power, their use on the world scale is limited. We need to make sure that we use renewable resources as far as possible and conserve non-renewable resources. By doing so, we can conserve the natural habitat of many flora and fauna.


Water is the gift of the Earth. It is the only reason why life is there on the Earth. We already realized a long ago that we must save water. But recycling it is not being done in most parts of the world. Maximum of the freshwater resources like rivers and lakes are being polluted by dumping and industrialization. It’s high time we reduce it.

We know that the ozone layer is healing. But it’s not quite healed yet. We all know what we need to do to stop that. All the remedies mentioned above may be overwhelming and non-achievable to most of us. But when we get the chance we must do it.

Author: Rtr. Mukund Ram (President-elect 2021-22)
Club: RAC RK Degree College

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