For a country, the basic objective is financial independence. Among 195 countries of the world, not a single one is willing to depend on others for its needs. But the fate of the nations is in the hands of their youth. If the youth of the country would be financially independent, so is the country.

To achieve financial independence the basic key element is education. Education opens the ways of development and shows the light of knowledge. From the ancient age of hunting and agriculture to the industrial and scientific revolution education plays a major role to develop the nations and make their lives luxurious.

Youngsters of nations have a lot of potential and unique characters by which they can prove, they are no less than a heavenly creature. Education imparts such abilities in the people that one couldn’t even imagine, as it persuades us to peep deep into our souls to know the motive for which, we are alive.

Holy Quran is the prime and leading source for that purpose. It also develop entirely superior skills among followers. The things which the people don’t even dream about became reality. From sea tunnels to aircraft, everything is an incredible creation of humans. Humanoid Robot “Sophia” is an example of extraordinary human intellect.

The Base of Prosperity – Education

From archery wars to atomic bombs, the whole journey is contributed by education. From eating hunted animal flesh to customized cooked food, tribute goes to education. No matter which field of life it is, a major concern is an education. Educated nations never give up on their missions because they have firm faith in hard work, so they do, to attain their goals, instead, of leaving every matter on fate and luck.

Education The Base of Prosperity
Education The Base of Prosperity

When the goals are achieved fruit of hard work confronts nations to celebrate their success. Goals are not achieved by a single person, instead, unity makes bigger differences and acts as a huge support to cope up with challenges. When youth get educated they find new ways to become independent.

Financial freedom became their first target. Which needs rapt attention of a developing country. In this way, financial literacy comes to the point and countries pave their way to make money, becoming economically independent, by the ablest group of nation.

Economic stability brings peace to the lives of the people which reduces the risk of war. Meanwhile, education not only brings development and prosperity. But also leads the way towards economic stability, peace, and better decision-making.

 “Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.”

Seemab Kausar

Author: Rtr. Seemab Kausar

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