Water cleaning at home for daily use

Most people don’t think about the water which they drink. Unconsciously people drink contaminated water full of a toxic substance.

Clean drinking water is a basic human need. Our body weight is made of 50% H2O. Without it, we couldn’t maintain normal body function. It controls our body temperature, lubricates our joints, and gets rid of waste through urination, sweat. It is very important to confirm, it has been purified or treated before drinking.

Due to the rapid increase in population and industrialization quality of drinking water in our country is deteriorated day by day.

Water purification methods

Many purification methods are used today. They have their merits and demerits. Some of the easy methods we will discuss below.

  1. Boiling and Filtration:
    Boiling and filtration is the cheapest and safest way of purification. It may contain microorganisms or parasites. You can’t be see it with naked eyes. But they can be life-threatening. Boiling it at 100 degrees kills many harmful microorganisms. You should always cover boiled-water and leave it to cool. Then we can filter the it by using different filter papers. Hence, it’s effective in ridding of the harmful compounds. 
  2. Chlorination:
    There is another simple and effective method of purification. That is the chlorination. By using this way we disinfect and make water drinkable. It comprises introducing Chlorinated products (Chlorine tabs, bleach, etc) into the water to kill the microorganisms contained in it. After the product acted for 30 minutes it will become drinkable. Therefore, chlorination has a durable effect on water.
  3. Clay vessel filtration:
    The clay pots filtration is a traditional method of water filtration. Clay jugs for filtrating and cooling have been used in many countries. It poured out of traditional unglazed clay jugs tastes cool and sweet. Effectively clay jugs also filter out many disease-bearing particles. The local clay filter is a cheap and effective device for turning contaminate into safe water. Studies show that where people use them, there is a 60-70% reduction in diarrheal disease.
  4. Solar purification:
    We can purify our water by leaving a clear glass or plastic bottle out in sun for six hours. Sun’s ultraviolet rays kill microorganisms in it. Thus, in developing countries where clean-water is not available, we can use this easiest method to clean it. 

Author:  Rana Saad Ullah
Club: Rotaract club of University of Agriculture Faisalabad

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