Embrace The Real You
I’ll be the hero of my life!

Simply living in your past makes you dumb and stupid! Because everyone says, “For a better future, you have to look forward and bade goodbye to your past”. But I think, our past has some essential connections with us. So, embrace the real you.

The most important part of our past is childhood memories that are never-ending waves. Which come to your mind over and over again, just to make you feel that man! You were not like this…

Like you were not depressed and exhausted, the way you are right now. You are not living your life for you, just as you lived when you were a child. 

Today, you are on the verge of chaos that you are not able to stand for yourself. Because you want to escape from reality. The consequences are disconnection from the social circle.

Stop stressing about things that are not as important as you have stuck them to your mind. Just awake your inner child, who you were. And think how cool and careless your nights used to be. But now these nights are full of sorrow and grieve. Why? 

Because now, you have stopped thinking about yourself. You are making more efforts to make people happy. And you are just a puppet to them. The people, you are trying to make happy are not going to be satisfied with you in any case. So, just let them get away from your mind and have a cool breath.

Embrace The Real You | Be the Hero of your own life!

Love yourself as you are and your inner child makes you more prominent and charming! Because then, you are not acting according to the world like how they want you to look. At that moment, you are just a pure soul who you are, away from all the social pressure and demeanor.

So, my dear just be you. Let the world cheers you for being a pure and natural human. Create your happiness in your own way. Despite what other people will think about you. YOU ARE YOU! and that’s your power.

Author: Rtr. Afifa Taj
Club: Rotaract Club of UAF

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