In thirst for being appreciated by others, we want to know what others like. After came to know this, we start copying everything; deeds, and habits. It’s a bitter reality that we all want to be appreciated by others. We want to be idealized by everyone. So, we start noticing and following others. Even our society teaches us to compare ourselves with others to be perfect.


Our mind is being set by elders to copy others when they compare our abilities with the abilities and talents of others. We are given examples of the abilities of others. The lives of others are being set for us as an ideal. We are judged by elders and society in comparison to the skills and talents of others. They advise us to copy others.
“The example of our society is like: To judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree.”

We become mentally prisoners and victim of the complex to the lifestyle of others. And we become the victim of the complex of considering ourselves lower than others in every manner. So, we always doubt ourselves. We are never taught to recognize ourselves. Most of the time, we are not taught to recognize our inner skills and talents.

During all this, we lose the real we. We become dual people, having a dual personality. And we become dual personalities in following and copying others. We remain unable to know our talents. So, we lose our skills. We forget our aims to live. And to lose the real you is the worst thing ever.

our lives start stumbling among the conceptions like what others do? What others will think of us? And what should I do? But during all this only thing that matters is that what should I do? And we should do exactly that thing that we want to do. We should recognize ourselves. We should explore ourselves. Every person is blessed with his God-gifted talents. Every person is beautiful on his own. Therefore, there is no need for us to follow others to impress this world and being appreciated.

We should seek ourselves and recognize our inner abilities and qualities instead of copying and following others. Thus, we would be proud of ourselves and of what exactly we are.

Author: Rtr. Ayesha Anwar
Club: Rotaract Club of University of Agriculture Faisalabad

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