40 ways to make life happy
40 ways to make life happy

If you want to be happy then follow these 40 ways to make life happy by PP. Rangeesh. Go for a smiling face while doing so.

Happy Life | 40 ways!!

  1. Walk 10 to 30 minutes daily. Go for a smiling face while doing so.
  2. Sit quietly with your eyes closed for at least 10 minutes daily, without any thoughts.
  3. Get seven hours of sleep daily.
  4. Always keep in mind the qualities of kindness, encouragement, and compassion.
  5. Play something for more time.
  6. Read more spiritual and science books.
  7. Make room for meditation, yoga, worship, etc. in your daily routine. These will refresh your life
  8. Spend your free time with seniors over 70 and children under the age of six.
  9. Dream a lot often, when awake!
  10. Eat lots of raw foods that grow on trees and vines.
  11. Make at least three people happy every day.
  12. Drink plenty of water daily.
  13. Realize that the classic energy is implicit in you.
  14. Feel like you are a bird flying freely in the sky without any restraint.
  15. Make it a habit to create positive thoughts in your mind five times a day.
  16. Realize that the life you live is the best in the world.
  17. Eat your breakfast like a king; Then eat lunch like a prince; Finally eat dinner like a beggar.
  18. Smile well and smile.
  19. Understand that the Lord will love you if you live in love with everyone.
  20. Take Life as ‘Take It Easy’.
  21. Do not engage in unnecessary discussions.
  22. Thank the Lord for realizing that the Lord has conducted your past life in a very special way.
  23. Please do not despise the Lord who created you by comparing your life with the life of others.
  24. Never forget that the reason for your happiness and peace of mind is the grace that God shows you.
  25. Be willing to forgive anyone, for anything, under any circumstances.
  26. Avoid thinking ‘what do others think of you’. Never give up the habit of thinking highly of yourself.
  27. Realize heartily that the God who has saved you so far will still save you forever.
  28. Believe that good will happen.
  29. Appreciate all those who participate in your enjoyment. Keep in touch with them permanently.
  30. Whatever is not pleasing to you, run away from it.
  31. Thank the Lord for giving you everything you need more than you need.
  32. Believe that the ‘excellence’ of life has already come to you completely certain.
  33. No matter what mood you are in, take a good bath and wear clean clothes.
  34. Do things immediately that seem to benefit you.
  35. Enjoy talking to family no matter how ‘busy’ you are.
  36. Realize that the ‘soul’ within you is always blissful, and you too be blissful.
  37. Do at least one small act daily for the benefit of others.
  38. Know that you have unlimited strength and dare to take any action.
  39. Thank God when you wake up in the morning!
  40. Thank the Lord for giving you a happy day before you go to sleep.

Author: Rtr. PP. Rangeesh
Club: RAC Patna City

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