How do you see the world after the pandemic?

The world after the pandemic covid-19, has radically changed and become an atrocious place where families are torn and trapped away from one another, homeschooling and working from home have become an unacceptable reality.

Little or no communication with people other than your family has made people value the very little things that seemed to be ordinary and mundane. A mere touch, family gatherings full of love and laughter, meetups and adventures with friends, classes, workplaces, rushing to the cinemas for the latest movies, sitting in your favorite coffee shops, shopping, going out to eat, and all that we took for granted are now valued more than ever.

However, amidst all the chaos and crisis new opportunities have been created. Many people have taken advantage of their free time to hunt down opportunities that are spilled all over the internet. During all this time, almost all life activities have been virtual thus an ideal time for startups.

However, for many this hasn’t been easy switching and thus drowning in deep seas of depression and anxiety. Social and digital media are sure to remain important but they will never replace face-to-face normal human interaction.

Post-pandemic world full of empathy

The world has been through enough pain and suffering, now all we need is a post-pandemic world full of empathy. I hope, we go back to our old normal lives with greater love and appreciation for one another and for the things that seemed so little. I hope, the fear of stepping outside and touching our loved ones vanishes.

I hope, this pandemic stops taking away our loved ones. I hope, we can sit together and not 6 feet apart. I hope, we don’t hide our faces behind masks and can smile openly again. I hope, things get convalescent again. We can relish the love and little ordinary things of life. I hope, we heal soon and enjoy the charisma of life again.

Author: Rtr. Jannat Mazhar

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