Safar Nama by Rtr Faiq to ActCon21

Looooong awaited tour to Multan came to an end on 15 March 2021. It all started with a conference call from IPDRR Rana Asad & DRR 3272 Usman Chaudhary, to serve as the coordinator for ActCon’21 Multan

ActCon’21 Multan March 12, 2021

We all gathered at Essa Lab near Bolan Sajji. Then started our journey started at 10:00 pm with brief safety instructions including an intimation to not change the environment of the bus. Since, it was air-conditioned and packed from all sides. 😀

As soon as our journey began we all felt pangs of hunger (as usual :p). To satiate it, the round of food started with spaghetti, and other snacks we had loaded ourselves with before boarding the bus. Rtr Dilawar keeps asking and eating “Tum Log Kia Kia Laye Ho”. Since “Sharing is caring”, we happily munched the delicacies together and reached Hyderabad. Later Nawabshah to pick other Rotaractors from the adjoining districts for ActCon’21 Multan.

ActCon’21 March 13, 2021

 We arrived at Hotel Avalon Suits, the first sight reminded me of Lafala Hotel during my Sri Lanka visit.

We were all welcomed by the DRR and his team with garlands. After the initial hassle, there was an uproar of tired Rotaractors looking for their dens to relax in.

Voices inquiring “Mera Konsa room ha (which one is my room), Mera saman to Utarwa do (Someone get my luggage), Humny Kaha Jana Ha (Where am I supposed to go)” etc. , rocked my ears from all sides. Thanks to the team of DRR especially Rtr Zahid, everyone was settled down properly. My roomies were IPDRR Rana Asad, DRRe Dilawar Abro, and DRRn Sharjeel Habib for ActCon’21 Multan.

Then on, the Rotaract Club of Lahore President Rtr Fariha and IPP Umair invited us all for a Gup Shup session in their room. Where we were introduced to a famous personality/member of their club Mr. Sumama (who also sent me a friend request later on Facebook :p). This fellowship and introduction session ended. When Rtr Ali Fakher called us out loud “Roti Khul Gai Ha” (It’s time to eat).

After a couple of hours of rest, we got ready and went to the inaugural session of the conference at Chenab Rutt. Though we were told about the boating facility, we were unable to find it due to darkness. But the bags of snacks given to us at registration desks were covering that loss. 😉

Overall, the inaugural was welcoming. A welcome song and dance in Saraiki was performed by the host team multan.

All the participants of RID#3271 were called by their club names and appreciated by host Rotaractors. This was the first time in any Rotaract District Conference we found a “Kathak” dance performance that amazed all of us. The inaugural session ended with a concert. My favorite was Nancy because she made all of us Jump! Jump! and Jump! 😉

The fun didn’t end there. We came back to the hotel and changed into fresh clothes to celebrate the surprise birthday bash planned for Rtr Bilal by their club mates immediately followed by a tea party by DRR Awais Saqi. It led to a long march towards the Quetta Hotel Gol Park with around 60-70 people on the road at 2:00 am.

ActCon’21 March 14, 2021

Early morning, we heard a knock on our doors from the organizers urging us to get ready and enjoy the formal breakfast. Owing to sleep deprivation, we went in pajamas for the meal. :p

ActCon'21 Multan

Next, we freshened up for the business session of the main conference day. The delegates of RID 3271 were wholeheartedly welcomed by the master of ceremony Rtr Falak and Rtr Dur e Adan.

The conference had really interesting sessions from the RID#3272 PDRRs and PDGs. An activity by PDRR Malik Tipu landed me an opportunity to meet and greet the Rotaractors of Lahore.

Our DRR Rtr Iqra Sajjad got the privilege of showcasing the theme for the RID#3271 conference. She invited all the participants for SynCon’21 in Karachi scheduled on 4-6 June 2021.

DRR Usman in his closing remarks congratulated Rtr Faiq for bringing a record number of participants from District 3271.

The ActCon’21 Multan ended with the recognition of star Rotaractors on stage and the offering of “Shajrak” to all the participants of District 3271.

Our last meal of the trip with Rotaractors of RID#3272 was in the form of dining out on the highway at Tasty Garden, once again hosted by DRR Usman.

Thou it was a short trip but an amazing time spent with all delegates. I would like to thank every delegate of district 3271 for cooperating with me during this amazing tour and conference. They helped me create memories that will last forever.

I also would like to thank Rtr. Tariq for helping me getting comfortable transport that everyone likes.

Author: Syed Faiq Hamid
Club: Rotaract Club of Karachi Kolachi

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