A rich man looks at a beggar and asks “Why do you beg without working?”
The beggar replied, “Sir, I suddenly lost the job. I have been trying for a different job for the past year. Nothing was available. You look like a big man when I look at you. If you buy me a job I will stop begging.”

The Rich man and The Poor man – GOD and Man

“It simply came to our notice then. But I have no intention of buying you the job. I have something else in mind”, said Rich man.
“Anything else? Whatever it is, my problem will be solved,” said the beggar.

“I’m going to make you my business partner.”
“What business partner…?” said poor man.
Yes! I own several hundred acres of farmland. You can sell the resulting grains in the market. I will give you everything to store, including grain. All you have to do is do one thing. You have to sell the grains and share in the profits. That’s all!”
“Is this an opportunity without investing? God did opened his eyes.” The beggar’s mind sank with excitement.

“Sir, when it comes, how are we going to divide the profits? 90% for you and 10% for me? No, you 95% and 5%? How??”, asked the beggar eagerly.
“No. All you have to do is take 90% and give me 10%
The beggar who heard it, did not come to speak for a moment.

“Tell me what, sir?” asked incredulously.
“Yes, you have 90%. Just 10% is enough for me. I do not need money. It’s a lot better than you think. Even this 10% I was told to give was not for my need. I want you to be grateful to me too.”

The Rich man and The Poor man

“Goddess who begged for my life… I am forever indebted to you”. The next second the beggar fell at the feet of the rich man.
Everything started to go according to the agreement they had made. Wealth began to accumulate in the beggar. At first the money started circulating in thousands and in the next few weeks it reached millions.

But at one point the beggar forgot the boon that had given him this life. He started wearing brand new clothes and bought a vehicle to get to the store. The man who was poor once, wore a minor chain around his neck. He worked day and night to make a profit. Sales increased day by day as the quality of the grains was good in the store.

A few months went by. Until then, the man who had set aside 10% daily for his wealth as his business partner asked himself at one point.
Why should I pay 10% to my partner? He never comes to the store. Labour is all mine. I work day and night and now I am 100% profitable.”
Over the next few minutes the rich man came to the store to get his share of his profits from the old beggar who had just become rich.
“Labour is all mine. So why would I give you 10%? I own all the profits!” said the beggar.

What would you say if you were in the place of that rich man? Think for a second. This is what happens in the lives of all of us.

Lord’s Business Partner!

We’re that freshman. The Lord begged us to live this life. Every second, every breath we take, giving us the senses. The Lord gave each of them separate energies.

Is that all? That senses are not enough. He gave us precious organs, such as the hands, feet, heart, kidneys, and liver. If we start listing what the Lord has given us like this, it will go on indefinitely.

To him who gave so much, He expects us to share just 10% of the time. It was not even for his need. He is needless. For our gratitude, looking forward to it, for the love we have for Him.

Do you know how life would change if gratitude only came to someone?

  • Worship the Lord
  • To study the Vedas
  • Going to the temple
  • In charity

All of this is for our own good, whether it is to involve ourselves or to help fellow human beings.

The Lord has given us Life and body. The organs the way he said, the way he wanted. Satisfied with that, we are just running our life. He gave so much. Except to show that we are grateful to God, not because God needs it otherwise…

Author: Rtr. PP. Rangeesh
Club: Rotaract Club of Patna City

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