Conversation Misconcecption

“Should I start a conversation with him/her?”
“Would he/she mind if I compliment his/her watch?”
“What if he/she thought of me being judgemental?”
“No way! I’m not going to say anything to anyone.”
“I must sit quietly minding my own business!” And the list of these doubts goes on.

Afsa Saqib

Too many questions burst out of my mind. And self-doubt reaches a high level. We stuck in these misconceptions and couldn’t make it to a good conversation with a person sitting next to us.
Congrats! We waste minutes and hours asking ourselves about the most common question “should I start a conversation or not?” And after that, we back off ourselves from doing it so! Here arises a big question, WHY?

Why we repel ourselves from taking one step further? Are we so afraid to make a fruitful conversation? Why we let our self-doubts driving us crazy? Think, why we jump to conclusions before making a move or before saying anything? Why we start a battle between “what If” and “should I/ Shouldn’t I.”

We intertwine misconceptions with logic and facts. But the next person or a stranger feels happy in reality, if someone else comes up to him and starts a conversation. If we compliment someone, this will make a person happy, and his/her happiness stays a little longer.


According to science, starting a conversation first with a random person you see or pass a compliment to an unknown person, or sending a gratitude note to your acquaintances makes them happy for real. And that happiness lasts long more than 6 months. So, never let your misconceptions stop you from doing something good for the sake of happiness.

Hence, these biases of our minds drive us crazy. It makes our social circle weak or else it would make other people think that we are self-centered and we don’t know how to interact socially.

On a very lighter note, that’d be amazing if we normalize the concept of starting a nice conversation with strangers. No lie, it helps a lot in personal development and it brings out opportunities for an individual.

Little by little, we will overcome our professional fears. Therefore, it will take one step of bravery; to step out of your comfort zone. My message to you all;


Author: Rtr. Afsa Saqib
Club: Rotaract Club of University of Agriculture Faisalabad (RAC-UAF)

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