Man In Trouble, when we use these words it means that something wrong happens. Today, the whole society is in trouble. And the amazing thing is that they don’t know about it. Because this kind of trouble is just like cancer, first you don’t know about it. But gradually, it gives you a sudden shock.

A Man in Trouble

Trouble between the mentality of people and their class. The poor people are always close to nature because they live there. While the elite class lives away from nature in artificial life.

If the rich live in the jungle, they will call it living in nature. While if the poor live in the jungle, they will say that look he is so poor and he does not have a house.

Man in trouble

So basically, it’s all our minds. We have to accept that the mindset of the elite class is so narrow. You can observe, how they treat other people. As you see in news channels that how rich bitterly treat the kids, working at their homes. When something gets exposed. They still manage to hide and cover it right away with the money.

Man In Trouble | Global Pandemic Turn Houses In Prison

Now see the greatness of the God that He created a global pandemic due to which all hotels and exhibition of wealth are closed. While sitting at homes, wealth has become meaningless. Now, homes like a prison.

Some bungalows, rich people made and about which they used to talk about imported furniture and tiles and bought from Dubai and Italy. All that has now become a prison. Some people are asking to open the doors of these big houses and get them out of now. They are prisoners now.

Do you know why we become prisoners? Because we are not humans anymore. We don’t have humanity left in us anymore. Humans only having hatred and anger. We just want to kill others or degrade them that much. They don’t feel like living anymore. It is the bitter reality of our society. So, we can never be happy and no one can make this society happy. (A Bitter Truth)

Author: M Talha Bin Tahir
Club: Rotaract Club of UAF

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