Relationships are Important!

Do not be afraid, I am there with you is to comfort you. Courageous relationships show their love, support, affection. Day by day, you too will feel their awesomeness.

We don’t think much of relationships. Also does not respect it. The big one left my relationship circle and came back a little bit. We call it “Modern Lifestyle” as we thought.

Recently, I went to my girlfriend’s house warming ceremony.With three generations of relationships of her, they were in the warmth, since she had invited everyone to the ceremony.

Happiness with them, Health Inquiries, Mock, Tease, Ownership the ceremony itself was set.

 ”Your grandfather and I were the sons of elder paternal uncle – the son of younger paternal uncle”, a grandfather is explaining the relationship to a grandson.“Have you been to WhatsApp?” Now let’s stay in touch! “And exchange mobile numbers with each other.” This generation of young men and young women!

 “Can you tell me if you have completed Mechanical Engineering? I am in Automobile Company as HR. Forward your resume! , was the promise of a job for his distant sister’s son.

 “No worry that your mother is no more, don’t worry about everything. On your Delivery maternal aunt, I Will Come To Help. When there is pain, give me a phone call”, was a woman holding the hand of a young woman who had just finished her baby shower.

It was a ceremony that made me realize that I had lost the chain of relationships that could be so strong for each other in every way. I have just started collecting contact numbers with my relatives.

A long letter was sent by a reader from Chennai

In this world of urgency, in the hectic work environment, the fact that many people do not have time to embrace everything on their own cannot be accepted as a reason to lose relationships. 

The relative who gave the wedding invitation could not go to the house wedding, outreach, office meeting, also many called the children’s Term Exam Reasons.

       Okay. But, even after the wedding, they go home on a weekend, telling the situation of not being able to come to the wedding, the relationship why do so many not take the opportunity to strengthen? At least, “Did the marriage end well! Sorry, I can’t come. We will definitely be back home next time!” 

Do not even do phone inquiries. There’s no time for that, we would have run the bustle of #MetroLife, forget marriage at work tension. – These are all sabbatical causes.

The real reason is, the subconscious has no grip on maintaining that relationship. Now, can you continue to own all of this? Do you want to continue? Many may ask.

I have to tell you a great truth here. On social web sites, Unknown before and after, staying in touch with strangers all day and sending birthday wishes to a friend in the Netherlands; Helping a Tamil in the Overseas and launching a bloody internet revolution called “We are one blood”. 

And developing a lifelong friendship with someone known as ‘Friend of Friend’; As such, anyone is able to the internet with this generation.

But, how paradoxical is it that relationships can’t continue? By cutting the roots, what is this mood of the branches? Do you know what are the basis for the success of social websites?

Homeschooling is a fun way to talk to your loved ones. At the wedding, in the ceremony, at the Native festival, as often as relationships all gather in one place, talking, laughing, cry, get angry, and have dinner. But, this generation does not have the happiness of our previous generations that were scattered.

Relatives, native festival, with the exception of “Modern Life”, together is the happiness, to talk and laugh, this generation that has gone astray is excited to see people all over the internet to whom introducing, to speak, to laugh, to be angry, to make a fuss, to exit, as the course turns. 

She hopes to have her happiness in it. Therefore, transform children into a relationship circle from the outside of the Internet full of dangers.

For that, the feeling of ‘wanting relationships’ must come first. “Why a relationship? Some may have the experience of being jealous, hostile, hateful, and hateful! Not all relationships are like that. It is an expression of individual human nature. 

As good and evil are everywhere and in anything. Will there be goods, evils, virtues vices in relationships? There is no need to exclude that overall relationships are not for that. All my wedding work went from father to father. Where are you? How many children? that eyes inquired, Blessings of an Aunty who wishes to say, ‘Everywhere you look, be good!’ The purest love in the world.

 “Don’t call it good or bad, let each other be helpful!”

 If you have a problem, you know it before.

“Where did you talk to your brother ..?” He said angrily, to the strength of being a brother. There is no substitute in this world.

House, Bank Balance, Big car in the portico, Luxury life. Despite everything, If there are no relationships, If not one day or the day you will have to realize that weakness. You just have to admit.

Relationships never end. That’s a beautiful sequel! Gift relationships, for the next generation!!! 

Relatives for children with household chores, take them to public events, too. Introduce all the relatives there. Share your childhood memories with them. Let the children know that they are important in your life.

Be your aunt enemy. Do not tell children about any negative relationships. You can leave without saying anything about them. That is the very best.

       “Let your father own the house,” he said. Do not talk to children about relationships that you hate.

       Introduce the young children of your household and the young children of the relative household to each other. Renew the relationship in the internet age. Make way for continued prosperity.

If the uncle comes, what are the duties to be performed? If aunty comes, what are the rituals to be done? Teach them about. Raise children by telling them that tomorrow your son and daughter are the ones who have to do that method for each other.

 “Friends are enough for us, relatives want everything” That changes the mindset that pervades many urban families today;

Author: Rtr. PP Rangeesh

Club: Rotaract Club of Patna City

RID#3250, India