Internet is a system of connected computers that allows computer users all around the world to exchange information. The Internet has played a very beneficial role in the progress of the world, but of course, excess of everything is bad. its excessive use causes addiction and addiction can’t be fruitful in any case. The main problem of internet addiction is that people don’t spend time with their families and make new friends on the internet. This affects people’s personal lives or sometimes causes them heavy losses. How you can make that friend you haven’t met ever?

“Internet addiction is a slow poison to intellect “

Due to internet book reading is reduced now. Students don’t like to read books. Many websites on the internet give them actual information. So, thinking on their own is not common.

“My parents should be so proud of me because I’m addicted to the internet and not drugs “

In teenagers, that thing is very common. They don’t take internet addiction as an evil but as a trend. On the internet youth watch obscene movies and immoral pictures. Children feel more amusement in playing video games instead of outdoor games. It causes health problems such as stress and anxiety for the person who has to sit before it for hours and hours together. Sometimes it weakens the eye side.

Time is the most precious element of life and we are wasting it on useless activities on the internet. It makes people lazy and slow. They don’t play a role as a good citizen. We should ensure effective use of the internet. if we use it wisely, we will enjoy its real benefits; but if we use it recklessly, we will have to bear its catastrophic outcomes. We just need to overcome the negative aspect of the internet. We should use it just to satisfy our requirements.

Author: Fariha Arshad
From Punjab College, Lahore.

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