Yellow tiles on side walk bumps as tactile paving for visually impaired or blink people
Have you ever wondered why these yellow paving used?

The quote is often used, “A picture worth’s a thousand words”. Many people had seen that tactile paving have been mounted on the sidewalks of Dhaka. This picture is of the sidewalk on the west side of the Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It shows the tactile paving on one side. Have you ever wondered why these yellow paving used?

Reason behind yellow paving used on foothpath

Maybe you are thinking for purpose of beauty. For the fact, it’s not. These are handicapped-friendly sidewalks. It helps visually impaired people to find path with touch of cane or foot wear. Whether it is a straight road, a turn or a slope.

  1. If you notice a little on details, you will see that these yellow coloured tiles have a straight stripe 7 inches or a little higher. A visually impaired person can easily walk straight with these guiding tactile bumps.
  2. If you step on slope, it is easy to understand that the sidewalk has gone down. Where the pavement is sloping, there are six circles in a tile. 

Contribution of Anisul Haque and Dhaka City Corporation

Though, Dhaka City has a lot of notoriety. We care about the disabled even for freedom of walking. You know, every day when I see this yellow paving on sidewalk, I feel proud. However, our sidewalks are now handicap friendly.
Thanks to Dhaka City Corporation.

Needless to say, such an idea could come from someone’s head. It may have come from the head of the late mayor Anisul Haque. See, if given the responsibility, what an educated elegant cultural person can do!

Now, the footpaths made handicap friendly in other cities of the country as well. I will expect this from the people’s representatives in politics.

Conclusion: Yellow Tactile Paving as Handicap Friendly

However, according to the World Health Organization, this number is not less than one and a half crores. Every year about five lakh people become helpless victims of blindness without knowing them we want development.

Because there are 6 million visually impair people in Bangladesh. Surprisingly, at least 20 percent of the total disable people in the country are visually impair. As such, there are at least three million visually impair people in the country among disable population.

If we forget, so many people. The progress and development will not happen. We have to care about disabled and handicap people in community. Everyone has to think that development is the idea of ​​everyone’s benefit.

Author: Rtr. Md. Mosheur Rahman
Club: Rotaract Club of Wari
RID#3281 Bangladesh

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