83 days Vs 60 years!
“George Stinney”

A symbol of injustice in the United States of America.
Who was he?

A 14 years old black child was charged of doing murder of two white-nation sisters named as Betty June Binnicker and Marry Ema Thames. In a little area named as Alcolu in South Carolina(a state of U.S.A). It was 1944 when two of sisters riding on their bicycles met two black brother and sister. They were in search of a special kind of flower. They asked the black people about that flower. Because they didnt know about the flower excused these both girls. Everything was fine until it become late and both of the girls didn’t return home.

It was found that they were murdered brutally and their corpses were found in a ditch near railway track. Factors and evidences showing that there was the worst condition in America between Black men and White men. Whenever police suspected any white man in the area it was becoming more worse.

George Stinney Murderer or Innocent: What you say!

Unfortunately this time George was suspected and was found as an easy target of those murders. Police caught George and his elder brother and beaten them well and forced George to confess about the murder. George being a child confessed that he had committed murders. His sister who was with him at the time of incident was never called for evidence. George was then presented before a jury for his trial and his trial proceeded. He was charged of doing murder of two innocent white girls. He was sentenced to death on electric chair by giving him electric shock.

Back in that time because of his blackness and restrictions over the black men not to be at any higher place or authority All the white men in jury found him guilty and it took less then 10 minutes to execute him. Within just 83 days George was sentenced to death. George was not even given right of appeal to any higher court. Nor he was allowed to meet his family. And on June 16,1944 George was “Murdered” judicially. Facts state that George’s body was much smaller than the chair hence the Executioners made him sit on Bible which he had with him and stated every time that he is innocent. 2400 Volts current made George Stinney silent for whole life.

George’s case reopened in 2013 after 60 years

Later on, in 2013 George’s case was reopened by his sister, Katherine Stinney. Because many of the people involved in the case had died. Court just could hear a few of people who were living at that time. The case proceeded for 7 months and found George not guilty for the following reasons:

  1. No weapon of murder was found.
  2. No written statement of George was found.
  3. It was impossible for George, to drag corpses almost 1000 feet far away from the place of murder.
  4. He was not given any right of appeal.
  5. He was not allowed to meet his family.
  6. There was no witness of the murder.
  7. His sister was the only witness at the time of the murder. Jury did not called George’s sister for any evidence.
  8. George was a child.
  9. A statement of only one police officer have no value in court.

All these factors showed that white men did wrong to Stinney at that time. Even when George’s family pleaded Governor for mercy. He also turned over the application by stating the illogical and unbelievable facts about the murder which was not even found in post-mortem report.

Finally: George Stinney found Not guilty 2014

Circuit Judge Carmen Mullen said it was totally unjust with George. And the laws of South Carolina didn’t provide George justice at that time. George was now found Not guilty after 60 years and on 17th December 2014 his execution was overturned. This decision of U.S.A judiciary is still a scar on them!

That’s why its said, “Justice Delayed, Justice Denied“.

Author: Malik Waqar Ahmad
Club: RAC BZU, Multan.
RID#3272 South
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