We defined the wall as a thing regarded as a protective or restrictive barrier. There are many types of walls that you have generally seen in your daily life. Like cemented and unpaved walls. But I want to describe those types of walls that divide us and make us weak day by day. The wall of rich and poor, the wall of injustice, the wall of religion, the wall of racism and inequality. These walls create hate and selfishness among people. We found ourselves in an undesirable world where you found nothing except loneliness and hate. Everyone created his boundary where no one is allowed to enter. 


The same case happens in India when US ex-president Donald Trump visited India on February 24. The Indian Government built a wall to hide the slums from president Trump. So, he does not see it while driving to the press conference. Hiding poor people behind the walls is really sad news. The same strategy is also made by other countries. So, this wall creates “the hate”. The hate among people, government, and society. 


The main question arises here why we are creating these walls. Can we live better if we do these types of things? How you can imagine that you live peacefully by cutting off the peace of other people? Today everyone is about to live by pushing down others by constructing a wall of greed and hate. In this world, there is a race of money. All people became money heist. Today man is afraid of lacking money more than death. These walls don’t exist in real life but occupy the central space in our mentality.


We can destruct these walls with love and happiness. By broadening and clear our views about each other. In the end, I want to say only one thing; “life is short”. Go ahead, spread love and happiness. 


Author – Rtr. Talha Bin Tahir

Club – RAC UAF

RID – 3272

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