Sustainable Environment

“Sustainability, is everywhere” 

The, word sustainability is used to describe anything from agriculture and economic growth to tuna on your frozen pizza. It, is a term which had been used very occasionally since the 1980’s. We, often comes across the attractive and shiny green sustainability labels, which tells us that no tree or any other non-living and living organism should be harmed by us. We, should rather protect them instead of harming them. “Sustainable Environment”, is simply a synonym for “Green Environment”or “Eco-Friendly Environment”.

Why, We Need To Protect Our Environment And How, To Make It A Sustainable Environment?

One, fact which can’t be denied is that sustainability is a complex concept and sustainable environment is, the need of the hour. Perhaps, the sustainable environment is defined as, “the environment that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. So, sustainable environment is very important for our country, society and for our lives.We, should adopt a eco-friendly and healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Humans, are the greatest resource. Society, economy and environment are co-related with each other. The, way we consumes (economy) affects both the way we live together (society) and our natural ecosystems (environment). Whatever, way you look at it, they all influence each other. We, needs to realize this fact that in order to fulfil our needs and those of our future generations needs we, needs to protect our environment and conserve its resources and species. Earth, is our only homeland. We, have no other planet other than our, “Motherland Earth”.So, why not to protect her and make her clean sustainably and eco-friendly.

Author: Wardah Malik

University of the Punjab, Lahore

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