Life sometimes freezes completely, all dreams seem to slip like sand, all seems like a mirage. There is no hope of life in such a desert, all of a sudden a storm will come and wash away everything, even dreams, and eyes, Yes, even those moist eyes, As soon as I see it coming out of my hand, many times you feel like you cannot do it now,  I can never do it now, maybe I will lose, yes… Now I will discuss in this article the situation mostly we face at least once,  How To Leave Standing Up After Losing Without Being Noticed.

Yes! Such a time comes very often in the life of all of us, sometimes the fear of losing something and sometimes the fear of losing someone. The heart wants, it seems, it’s all over now. Sometimes when you fail for some important exams, sometimes when you can’t climb any ladder of your career, even when you fail in a very important love … But life never stops, for a while we stay, we end up in a very bad state of depression. To be honest, this is the time when you really have to stand up on your own, put your head on your knee and cry,  and now you have to stand up after that cry.  Yesss! Once again you have to get up to fight, not look to anyone else for help. That is a time for Standing Up After Losing.

I am damn sure,  this is the time that will make you so strong inside that you will survive the storms in the desert before you are ready to face many such storms alone. Yes! This is a difficult time, of course, but it makes you as strong as a rock. That is why we have to face such a time. And do yourself a favor so that no matter what happens to me now, I’m ready. Now calm down a bit and ask yourself, ask some questions, who am I? What is my identity! 

Whatever I am, I know how to connect myself, yes! Furthermore, I know who I am, I know who?

Dreams of waking eyes, you know stay with yourself as much as your dreams will come true. These dreams are not only you, important for those who live for you, and they know their importance too. Before losing hope just think about them only once.

You will fight to the last drop of blood, You should be will live as long as this breath continues, Please don’t part of losers. You never to bow down, never to be afraid, anyone,  do not bow down except to GOD. From now on the wine is ready to be straightened again. To defeat everything negative … Finally, you will be able to Stand Up After Losing but make sure to think of those whose hopes are centered on you.

Author: Iqra  Muqaddas

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