I always wonder… what is my hidden talent? In which field I have a grip on, or by using which skill of my mine I can make money. Lately, I have observed, students around me doing very productive things, making money and, achieving more and more every day. I never felt jealous of them but it made me think, isn’t there any talent or skill in me? Am I capable of doing these things or not? I started self-questioning whether I could achieve anything or I should work on my skills or talent.

Instead of wasting my time upon overthinking in this pandemic, I started to take online lectures on the subjects, I was a little interested in, to comfort myself that I’m sitting idly doing nothing, rather than I’m learning something new and maybe I would able to do something dynamic.

So gradually I understood that there is a distinction between skill and talent and you have to work for your skills. Talent is something that one is born with, it is a natural ability to do something and, also it is God gifted. But skill is something that you acquire after putting in a lot of hard work, that anyone can possess it but through learning.

So I just share my story here because some students who think like me that they can’t do anything, they don’t have any expertise or they are unable to do anything creative. So just stop thinking that you don’t have any skill, if you aren’t an expert in anything then you can just go and learn dynamic and productive things from any available source. Don’t waste yourself in overthinking.


But if you are unable to think that which subject or field you should select or you don’t have any interest in any of the courses. Just select the one in which you have a slight interest or if not interest then, go for that course, which you think that you could become an expert. Practical skills will always be in high demand in today’s workforce. The challenge for us as educators is to find a way to integrate them mindfully. And when you go for the online courses then you would find a massive crew of people, things and, skills. I’ll provide you few names of online platforms, which I’m aware of and I want, the students who don’t have any information about this, to enlighten a little.

The names of online websites that offer free courses are: Udemy, Digi skills, Coursera, Skillshare, Skillsuccess, edX, Agora, Futurelearn, and Alison. I just gave a few names which I know maybe these would be beneficial for anyone who will read this.

But this doesn’t end here. Only acquiring the skills wouldn’t make your way towards success. There is nothing that we could achieve without the struggle. After gaining productive skills, there is only our effort and consistency which keeps us on track and flats our road toward success.

Typically people mention that creative people are very stimulating. They always have a lot of inspiration with them. But actually, these innovative and creative people have discipline and this inspiration comes from self-discipline and sobriety. 

So, never underestimate yourself, carry on learning new and productive things, keep up the struggle, and never lose hope.

Author – Rtr Noor Ul Ain

Club -RAC UAF, Faisalabad

RID – 3272

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