The Unpaved Path 


I think we are distracting ourselves for the sake of this temporary world. This temporary world is like an unpaved path. The path in which you feel jerks and smoothness. In this path, there are some hurdles, some obstacles, and some smoothness. In this world, man has a choice. Choice in that sense how we behave in hard times.Sometimes the situation and environment are so disturbing and depressed for a man that he broke down. After all, everyone has a limit to bear hardships. At that moment we have two choices either we face these difficulties with patience or stay back and blame our life.


“The main thing is how we put out the fire from a burning house not to discuss how the house gets in a fire.”


Today our young generation is so depressed. Before 7-8 years ago the word “Depression” is unknown to me. But now this word is very common. There are many factors of depression. I don’t want to discuss these factors. But the main concern why our young generation has become the victim of this spreading disease. The main reason behind this is an unclear and unpaved path. We have to change our lifestyle. Today everyone thinks that happiness lies within the money. But I don’t think so. The richer you will be, the more you susceptible to tension and worries. Because you have fear of loss of your money. The person who has not any bank balance, credit card, etc is happier. Why?


Because he has nothing to lose. He accepts his life as it is. He eradicated the word “Royalty” from his life. His happiness lies within his children, his wife, and his parents. He became happy when he bought some toys and fruits for his children. He became happy when he saw his daughter ride a bicycle. He became happy when his son or daughter came from school. These small moments became a source of joy for him.

Today we have every facility. We are living in the 21st century in which industrialization and technology change the trend of the whole world. Today we have everything but we don’t have time. Time for others. Time for our own family and life.



We are running towards the shiny star that we can never catch. And in that race, no one cares about the unpaved path. In that unpaved path, some may fall. Some may die. Some may become old. Some may become tired. Some may commit suicide. But no one cares about the repairing of this unpaved path. No one care that if we work together, we repair this unpaved path and make easiness for the whole of humanity.

The clear and paved path lies within you. In some little corner of your heart. You only have to clear that path. And u find out the light of happiness. This light is the light of love.


“Love for others. Love for humanity.”


Author – Rtr. Talha Bin Tahir


Club – RAC University of Agriculture 


RID – 3272

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