Retirement from a profession or a job is a time that is blessed and given to us by the Lord. I have seen a lot, when you retire, the adults will turn out to be scaly heads, torn out shirt, dirty hair.  They will stop putting on shoes.

We must love and spend our time just as we loved the work we did. Is not it? 

Dress nicely as you like. Friends I know, I can only see that I can go to work as long as I have strength in my body after retirement, with a lot of cash on hand and looking for a job somewhere again. I just don’t understand why that is. Who are you chasing for adding this money again?  The life of heaven is only if you work hard in old age.

But most people do not have such a situation, even though they chase after that money without the slightest hint that we will live a happier life in but change into selfish after retirement. Do what you love and can’t do the job on time.  You may want to build a nest for the birds or plant a tree. You can do something spiritual like this story article.

Take a look at the places you haven’t seen in the days that have gone by so far.  Relax and enjoy breakfast.  Eat well-digested food for lunch and dinner. Talk a little bit with our old friends, relationships, in which they do not talk at all and do not see the ego that we are talking to ourselves.

Get up early and leave your mouth and smile a lot.  Don’t forget to talk about everything or meet them in person at least once a month with your similar friends, favorites, even co-workers. Share your joys and sorrows only with those who are very close and trustworthy.  If so we know that our grief is nothing. Do not give up medical checkups, take the medicine on time.  Our friends, our relatives will die somewhere.  Never be afraid that we are next. That list belongs only to God. Tactically put the available money and make way for income. Play with grandchildren.  You can see yourself in them.

Did we retire from work?  Why are you worried if we are dead or not? These are not just for retired adults… they are for the children they have. Retired parents have the respect and freedom they deserve… and the way children behave for the physical and mental well-being of their parents in a way that does not cause any stress in their rest will give them unparalleled happiness and health in life.

In the race for life, Retirement is the gift that this community has bestowed upon us to enjoy the rest of our lives as submission, endurance, patience, humiliation, and dedication to their lives as a burden to the family…

Do not lose sight of this for the self-interest of others for whatever reason. Always worship God and good will happen today.  Surrender yourself to the Lord and keep doing your work. The Lord will give you good health without the moment of illness.

Author – Rtr. PP. Rangeesh

Club – Rotaract Club of Patna City

RID – 3250

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