Environmental Issues And Eco-Friendly Pakistan - Is that possible ?

Environmental issues in Pakistan are of great significance. You must have heard about the rising sea-levels, melting of icecaps & glaciers, drastic changes in weather patterns, and significant decline in the population of several species in the environment news. 

All are the signs of the novel climate changes. Such changes pose a great deal of threat to the entire planet. 

If they get controlled in time, it will make a Eco-friendly Pakistan. Therefore, these issues need to be addressed timely on an urgent basis. 

Alarming Environmental Issues In Pakistan

There are myriad alarming environmental issues in Pakistan. Some of the environmental issues include;

 Air Pollution, Global Warming, Climate Change, and Water Pollution.

1. Air Pollution:

Air pollution is the presence of toxic and solid particles in the air. That includes certain gases that are harmful to the environment and to us.
One of air pollution impacts is that the poor quality of air results in various diseases.
It’s solution would be the plantation of trees to clean the air and use of public transport instead of vehicles.

2. Global Warming:

Global Warming refers to the long-term warming of the planet.
Global Warming’s impact is the formation of heatwaves and cold snaps.It’s solution would be a reduction of the size of your carbon footprint.

3. Climate Change:

Climate change refers to an unprecedented change in the weather patterns.
Climate change’s impact is the melting of icecaps, glaciers and the solution would be to reduce anthropogenic activities.

4. Water Pollution:

Water pollution is caused when toxic and harmful chemicals contaminate a body of water. It is one of the alarming problems in Pakistan.
Water pollution’s impact is that it results in various diseases. It’s solution would be that ensure proper sewage treatment.

Author: Wardah Malik

University of the Punjab, Lahore.


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