Despotism Remained | Palestine Diary

No words matter, no value of flyers, condolences are of no use. Why is it so?

Why oppressors are ruling the liberator, and the world is watching this dreadful game!

From where should I start? I don’t know at which line; my words will convey the real meaning of being Inhumane.
It shows the pain of a screaming little child, who lost his newborn sister in front of his eyes.

The world is acting as an audience. Some remain silent, while some are kept silent. Both of these are not the same. 

The peaceful organizations are quiet such that they are imposing a very different and frightening image in front of peoples.

Children having stones in their little hands. They are wearing the mask on their faces. Ready to fight with the armed forces of the most creepy and cruel state. 

They are standing in front of tanks, not for getting fame or popularity. They are stopping the bullets with their chest, not for being called brave. 

Children are doing all this for their Independence. When I say the word Independence, I shook my head and cried a bit. We raise our voice for Independence, our voice is heard as useless, dumb, and wordless

When we shouted on social media loudly, and we posted anything regarding this conflict. Then we receive a notification that your post is against our Community guidelines. 

In a nutshell, uplifting the brutal, ignoring the gentle. Nowadays, this has become the concept of every powerful nation. 

How many things have we ignored, and how much we uplift, we will talk about in the next segment!

Author: Rtr Habib Sultan

Club: Rotaract Club of UAF, Pakistan.


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