The Appetizing Voyage Of Life

Food has always been the ultimate savior and it exists in a form of love

Food blogging is something very famous and enticing these days and no foodie can deny this !

Bloggers mainly deal with rousing eateries , come up with reviews and try to reach out to their audience in such a way that they enjoy every bit of it. All food bloggers have a chance at earning a decent amount as long as they can grow a handsome amount of monthly traffic to their blogs

Every blogger is not interested in the same field

Some post cooking stories while others might like venturing new places daily , some even pick up exquisite fields like travel blogging , restaurant review, festive special , food Photography and so on.

                                    While it may sound interesting and fun , the whole scenario can be grueling at times 

Especially when your investment is not enough and you are running short on errands 

It takes good amount of time and effort to attract substantial audience and in case of backlog there’s a need to make  up for the lost time 

Whatever if someone is interested in food blogging he can definitely go forward with it and enjoy the voyage of Appetizing 

Rtr Nazrana Perween

Rotaract Club of Calcutta

 RID 3291

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