Technology: Increasing Intolerance in Youth

We have entered in the era of Technology where everything is as much fast that was not even in the imaginations of human some decades ago. It’s the era of Medical technology, Engineering Technology and Super-Fast Media Technology, and we are surrounded by these technologies. 

We are getting so much fast, accurate and immediate response from every technology that we are becoming habitual to it, where the man is a mannequin of error. Man is not even tolerating the mistakes of another man because of so much accurateness of technologies. Due to this intolerance we are changing the man force with Robotics.

Man is a manufacturer of technology, also the man is losing his stature due to technology. Everything has a limit while technologies are crossing their limits. Technology is even disturbing our nature, and our Youth is the victim of this limitless technology.

Our Youth is eating technological food, wearing synthetic stuff, viewing artificial beauties and using Super Fast Media Technology. All this is enticing our youth and our youth has become accustomed to it. Today’s young man cannot compromise or tolerate anyone’s mistake. So, to save our generations from intolerance, we must have to keep technology within its limit.

Rtr. Muhammad Habib
Rotaract Club of UAF,
6 thoughts on “Technology: Increasing Intolerance in Youth”
  1. No doubt Technology is helpful for youths but it has more harmful effects at our youth…..
    Due to the technology majority are jobless, face the health issue, create many other problem related to …. environment agriculture,Etc….
    As we know that we are enable to do something physical, most important . One person invented a new technology but in other case uneducated youths…..He don't know……..

  2. Good job ? man completely forgot that machine is the inevention of humans not humans are the inventions of machine

  3. Good job ?!Article is good my opinion is that people should focus on their will power not on Google and other technologies because technology can destry any time but not human brain and the second thing is that use of technology is increasing day by day instead of decreasing! Technologies has been design to facilitate people but certainly in modern days technologies are replacing human beings with themselves that is dangerous for human being survival !

  4. Really touched by the words i already have read this but reading it again made me think not only once but twice that where our young generation including us is going completely loosing the paths the directions what technology have made us sitting at the same place working for hours and hours while there are no physical activities at all the hard fact stated that the bodies are becoming laziest and minds are becoming haziest sad but realistic so far!!!

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