Man Should also Have a the Me Too Movement

There are lots of report about the sexual harassment of girls and women but that doesn’t mean it only occurs to female party only. Sexual harassment can happen with anyone regardless of the gender, age and identity. It’s true mostly it happens with the female but there is some rare case about the males.

 There should be like a #MeToo movement to the men as well because after getting sexual harassed there is  a big challenge for them because man are considered as  a “Savior” and then have the ability to fight for these things so they feel shame or self-doubted believing that they should handle the things by their own.

They find nothing to do .They totally become confused about what has happened to him. This thing is very common among the boys and teenagers who have been assaulted as adults.  So we not only work for the safety of the woman but also pay attention to this growing issue.
It’s really hard to tell someone that u have experience sexual assault it will become more challenging to believe if it’s done by a woman .So they started to feel less like men and blame and  themselves.  This leads to serious problems some people become so sad and they attempt suicide and lose their life it needs to be stop by some proper way. First of all we have to end this social thoughts that a man cannot assaulted or harassed sexually.

Academic research tells us that the majority of woman got harassed like in Pakistan about 93% of women got harassed in workplaces .however emerging evidence proved that the sexual harassment  of man also exist at different areas of life.

If we look upon the things then we come to know that most of sexual assault experience at middle schools and high schools .where usually boys are sexually abused and assaulted as well .This put a negative impression on the young minds and divert their orientation in bad fields.  Sometime this may leads to suicide.

There should be an organization national and internationally as well who made strict rules against this thing and have active action teams which do fast investigation and catch the harasser.  There should be a strict constitution about sexual abuse and assault so that people may think before doing such a thing.

The responsibilities of man are more than a woman he individually has to look after his family and all the financial responsibilities goes to man credit so when they get a good job and their families are happy with the his income then he never wants to leave that job at any cost .In a situation like this if their boss is woman and she started to harassed the guy then it become very difficult for him and he will be wonder and confused what he should do now? He knew that the people will make fun of it and never take it seriously while telling any other may put his job at risk and he will definitely don’t want to lose that job so he agreed on doing that thing because he can’t  do anything. This issue needs to be solved.

Research has said that men have more tendencies to bear the sexual harassment of especially woman by other man. It has also proved that the woman also shows some sexist attitudes when it comes to tolerating that thing.

The result of all these things would be that man becomes mental weak and will experience depression, anxiety and alcohol abuse. If he is a boy in high school then he will not do well in his studies. He will drop out of school, quit the school work and his morale will be low. So it will lead to the problem of unemployment, illiteracy and ignorance. Everyone needs to get rid of all these things which do not seem possible at this time.

We have been seen that #MeToo movement got great success and become so effective movement for the woman especial against sexual harassment but what about the man? Maybe it’s the time to make a #MeToo movement for men as well; it is inclusive after all.

If a boy is enjoying what he is getting or getting sexually aroused or even sometimes he wants such things that does not mean he wants all these things or manipulated or abused.The consequences of sexual harassment for both boys and girls are surly different but they are equally harmful.

Street harassment is the next thing for the boys who got kidnapped from the street and then they were badly harassed. This would not end without taking any action; we should need to do something for it. The solution of all these things is that we should spread education and add extra chapters in syllabus about sexual harassment so the little minds get some knowledge about these things. 

When we start a movement against these issues lots of people will come to support us and tell the experience if they have any which help the future generation. They will not face such things that we had faced.
Author: ZAKIR HUSSAIN Baltistani

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