Islamophobia is hatred or fear of the peaceful religion of Islam in the world. The notion was built during the early nineties and then got strengthen right after the tragic incident of 9/11. 

America is consistently in the front row to shepherd this campaign, as the world surveys confirmed it. 

According to the World Index of 2015, about 27% of American surmise that Muslims are zany than a typical American. But in 2017, it goes up to 57%.

The reasons behind ditto campaigns are pretty sure; one of the most obvious reason is the ignorance of Muslim Scholars. Most of the people uniquely in Europe do not even have an idea about this religion.

So, the antagonist deftly associates its congruency with terrorism. Islamophobia has succeeded in modeling a mentality that world terrorism is an upshot of Muslims. 

The truth is, Islam prohibits such deeds. Moreover, if someone does it. He/she will immediately be rusticated from Islam, as it’s a religion of peace. 

The real planning about islamophobia is the war going on in Afghanistan by which America is creating an Image of Muslim terrorism and radical Islam. 

So, that they could polish their foolish image by saying that they are fighting for peace.

If we come towards the current situation, then it seemed that Muslims have woke up and now educating the world about Islam. Telling them that it’s not a part of Islam. 

If someone is doing in the name of Allah or Islam, then that guy is no more as Muslim. Islam teaches love and unity among the masses. All these things are nothing but more than a superstition. 

The Muslim world is effectively fighting against these issues, and the world is acknowledging the greatness of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Islam. 

Author: Zakir Hussain Baltistani

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