Friendship Heals the Broken Heart

Someone was saying to me that If you have a good friend, you do not need a lover or Mehboob.He added to his quote that if you want to know who is more sincere with you, try to pass through some obstacles without any support.The wrong number will act as an audience in the crowd. 

A good friend will always help you out. He was saying that if you have everything in the world except a good friend, you have nothing.

When someone is suffering from deep depression or needs our attention. Leaving that person as such will lead that person to the darkness of the day or to the silence of the night. That person will find solace in the darkroom, with no noise.

We all have some crazy friends, who are always in chill mode, they are the best healers at that time. They joke, they divert our mind so easily that we forgot what happened to us.That’s what friendship is for! 

It is difficult to forget, but it’s not impossible. Always be a Moonbeam, lightening those darkened hearts who were ignored, hated, and broken. 

Friendship heals the lost soul

Friendship Heals the Broken Heart.

If you are rewarded best friends, you need nothing more than that. But it is quite difficult to find out Good friend.

I was lost, loving the darkness, hating the love, showing interest in bad habits. My life changes when my A-Team woke up. Starting their jokes, building new bonds and friendship. They were happy in their own life and making everyone happy.

I know, my words don’t matter in anyone’s life, but I get myself relaxed after shaping my thoughts and feelings into words.

AuthorRtr. Habib Sultan

Club: Rotaract Club of University of Agriculture Faisalabad

RID#3272, Pakistan.

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