Art of public speaking 

Whenever we meet our family members and friends regularly, we talk to each other, chit-chat, and gossips about each other freely without any fear and stress. Our voices never shake, and we never hesitate to say anything. Our mode of conveying the message remains very informal. We never think of rearranging words and making sentences to speak with others.

But when we come across a crowd full of strangers whether they are our class fellows, teachers, or colleagues, we unconsciously become conscious while speaking. A stimulus of a strange and novel environment arisen our sense of being formal and causative in our speech. The fear of getting rejected by others grips us strongly that we hardly can say anything. This is the fear of public speaking.

We are conscious beings, with the blessing of having a sense of feeling that what happens to us. Some of the actions we do are voluntary and some are involuntary. When we interact with people, the hormone of excitement increases, and we start expecting from people a sight of recognition and want to get from them a sense of dignity. During this process, our sympathetic nervous system becomes activated, and our ability to reflect and thinking decreases that cause nervousness and sweating on our hands. We feel like we will never speak again. A wave of shivering and cold grips us. We feel awkward in the gathering and want to get rid of this situation immediately.

If fear of public speaking is a fact, then how some people can easily speak in public without any hesitation? Well, there is only one answer to that, and that is our upbringing and the environment in which we grow. From an early age, when a child receives suppression and pressure from his parents or peers, he never able to get confidence in life. He always remains a victim of inferiority complex and can never excel in his life due to lack of public speaking art.

This art is necessary to learn no matter in what field we are in, whether we are a religious scholar or school teacher, a leader or mentor of people, this art helps us to groom and shape others, to influence them, and to get maximum out of them.

This art can be achieved through gradual practice and through taking training and by deliberately participating in discussions and debates, through teaching others, and through presentations and addresses. Once you master this art, nothing will be unattainable for us because only through this art we can express our true selves.


First influence yourself, others will automatically be influenced 


Author – Rtr. Nimra Ishaq

Club – Rotaract Club of UAF, Pakistan. 

RID – 3272

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