A Salty Man! Sugar and salt look the same | Be careful who you trust.

Sometimes, I am unable to find the difference between truth and lies. I am unable to find myself, my character, and my identity. 

In the same way, I failed to find any difference between salt and sugar. There is no difference between crushed sugar and salt until or unless you taste them. 

In the same way, many people predict that they are the ambassador of humanity, like sweet sugar. But their reality is not more than sour salt. 


Today a man progressed a lot in development and technology. But still, man has a fear of competition. There is a competition between several countries. Every country has created its enemies. 


Today we claimed that we are living in the 21st century in which every person has equal rights. We claim we are getting a quality education.

 But still, our education does not provide anything except a piece of paper which is called a “Degree”.


We claimed that we are civilized people. But in reality, we do not care about each other. Rich becomes richer day by day, and the poor become poorer. 


Everyone is so busy in his personal life that he has no time for even his own family and relatives. Friends do not meet each other. 

Now we forget everything about our culture. We lost our moral and ethical values. Friends left each other.


Today loyalty has become a foul play. No one accepts his or her guilty. Day by day temples, mosques, and churches are build, but worshipper is still not available.


In old times, people used to talk to each other. In villages, people gathered in Derras. But today, when someone tried to talk to another person, he or she became confused and fearful. 


Today people only get an education, not knowledge and ethics. The doctor does not care about the patient. He cares about his money. 

Today a man has become so selfish and voracious. Today Man is not more than a machine. He has no feelings and emotions. In this era of technology and development, we lost ourselves.


A few days ago, I saw an old man begging outside the hospital. His daughter was admitted to the hospital. He had not enough money to buy medicine for his daughter. He begged the young man who was going to the car parking. 


Instead of giving money, the young man became angry and started to give a lecture on the importance of hard work in a rude language to the old man.


So, at that moment, it is not necessary to give him a lecture. The main thing is to help him.


We don’t have to think who creates a hole in the boat. The main thing is how we fill that hole.  

Wasif Ali Wasif


Today, we have the necessities of life. But we don’t have time. We don’t have time to spend with our children, parents, and relatives. We don’t have time to meet our friends. 

We don’t have time to release some burden or pain of the poor. We are so busy in our daily life that we forget that in the end, all of us have to die.


Today man seems to be like sugar. But in reality, his personality is not more than salt. His sweetness has dissolved in the water of selfishness, competition, and awfulness.


In the end, I want today only one thing that Man is the best creature in this universe. God has bestowed him all blessings. But it’s up to him that how he used these attributes. 


Everyone has a choice whether he or she became sweet as sugar or salty as salt.

Author: Rtr. Talha Bin Tahir 

Club: Rotaract Club of University of Agriculture Faisalabad

RID# 3272, Pakistan.

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