We all have to face bullies at some point of our life. Different people face different kind of bullies. Some bullies are not so harsh while others are extremely cruel. Bullying is a burning issue but some people mix up bullying with fun and joking which adds to the severity of this issue as people do not think about other people’s feeling and continue bullying while considering it just a joke. 

There is a limit even in joking. One should not joke about personal things. One must ask before joking if the other person is okay with it or not. Avoid offensive jokes at all cost. This issue being more and more highlighted day by day. Still more and more people are becoming a victim of bullying with every coming day. 

What is Bullying?
“Bullying is the use of force to abuse, hurt, dominate or intimidate others.” Physical Bullying: Physical Bullying includes punching, kicking, pushing or clashing against other’s body to hurt them. It can cause both long-term and short-term damage to the
victim of such a heart-breaking act. Punching someone in the face or directly in the eye can result in the loss of eye. Kicking or pushing can result into a fall which
can cause serious damage to the victim if the victim clashes against something sharp or strong. 

Like falling from the stairs and receiving damage to the head due to a push can produce awful results. Memory loss and being paralyzed is a possibility resulting from such actions. 
Verbal Bullying: Verbal Bullying includes name calling, insults, teasing racist remarks or calling someone homophobic. 

While verbal bullying can start off harmless seem harmless too but it can escalate to the levels which can start a physical fight resulting in minor to major injuries or even death. The goal in this kind of bullying is to tease the victim so much that they turn violent and physically fight the bully. 

Social Bullying: Social bullying can include lying and spreading rumors about people, negative facial or physical gestures, playing nasty jokes to embarrass and humiliate people. Encouraging people to exclude someone from their social circle or friendship, trying to damage someone’s social reputation and acceptance. 

Cyber Bullying:
Harm inflicted through use of computer, cell phone, laptop, etc to damage someone’s reputation or harm them in any way is called Cyber Bullying. How to Deal with Bullies: First of all, if you are being bullied you should not ignore it nor try to hide it. Bullying often results in depression and it can further result is suicide. 
Cyber Bullying:
Report it to your teacher or someone senior and reliable if you are being bullied at an educational institution. If you feel that the problem has still not solved, explain all scenario to your parents. Do not feel ashamed of the fact that you are being or were bullied at some point in your life. Your fear is the abuser’s power. 

The moment you stop fearing about them is the moment they start getting defeated. Try emotional and psychological therapies to deal with depression or trauma. Seek help from those who once faced similar situation. Share your thoughts with your friends. Try helping others too. This will make you more motivated to fight the abusers and you will find yourself among beautiful souls supporting each other. 

Support people emotionally who you know are being bullied or are suffering from similar circumstances. Condemn such acts as much as possible and stand for yourself and other people who are suffering. If we continue to ignore such serious problems, then we will only make our society struggle more.

Author: Rtr. Wasiq Masood
Club: Rotaract Club of Faisalabad City Gold RID 3272
Designation: Joint-Secretary

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