We have been listening to this since childhood that “Love Yourself First” make yourself a priority. But honestly, it is not that easy. Self-depreciation is the thing that doesn’t allow us to love ourselves.

Self-depreciation comes from comparing ourselves to others, from the inferiority complexes which are inculcated in this society to such an extent that it is poisoning us. In this all convoluted game, we have lost the real we. We are unfair to ourselves. 

All we need is acceptance, accepting our self the way we are. Development and change are important for a healthy lifestyle. But the change that does well out of you.

Self-depreciation is one of those slow, but strong poisons that eats up your mental stability like a termite eats up the dry wood. The only change we need in our self is to change self-depreciation with self-acceptance and then self-acceptance leads to self-love. 

Negotiate with the inner you. Tell your mind and heart that your first love is YOU. It’s not a love at first sight. But this is a beautiful feeling.

What can be more fascinating than feeling content with oneself? This is a sheer happiness a person should strive for. Just dig into yourself and find the true you. Become a person who appreciates himself and his critics. 

You are beautiful, fall in love with yourself, fall in love with the sparkle you have in your eyes, with your personality and your beautiful heart, and strive every day to make it more beautiful. Allah Almighty has made man the superior to all creatures.

He has made everybody unique and beautiful. And this uniqueness is reflected through our features, our DNA, our habits, our skin tone, our health, and every aspect of us. He made everybody beautiful and hasn’t created anybody useless.

Now, this is up to us! How to find our purpose, how to shape ourselves, and how to become the best version of ourselves.

Author: Rtr. Seemab Kausar

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