Love addiction

No matter love is an invisible force of attraction which binds two souls with each other. We know that when we fall in love, we are out of senses. We don’t know what is going on and what we are doing. We want to talk to that person in the morning rather than having breakfast. We want to spend time with our inamorata rather than with our family.

Love someone is ordinary, but loved by someone is exceptional. We have respect for our love, we have everything prepared to spend on our love when needed but we couldn’t think about that that the person we are loving is loving us back or just betraying? We should be conscious while loving someone so bad that we forget to wash our face or shave. It took me five years to make myself conscious in that perspective. The person who is loved by us didn’t care about what situation we are going through. Our mistake is that we loved that person too much greater than He or She deserves. We have a saying that Excess of everything is bad. It clearly shows that loving someone in excess proportion will surely hurt you with the greater strength.

We have everything when we have sincere person in our life not we have everything when we fall in love.

Love the sincerity, not love with the beauty of the person. Love the kindness, not fall in love with unconditional anger or hate. Your life is in your own hand not in the hand of that person who forgot the commitment you had made with him her.

You should be very much serious and scared while doing such commitment which can lead you to your own self-made fire pit having everlasting effect in your life. There are two conditions that why you face rejection. One is, you were making him/her not your lover but addict. Second could be that anyone of you is not fully sincere in relationship.

Falling in love is different and making you addict to be loved by someone is different. Love is bearable, but addiction of love is unbearable. Addiction of love means you are bound to only one person not you love every single passer-by.

So it is better to be keeping yourself safe from such kind of addiction which you can’t hold is better than lifetime pain. 


Author – Rtr. Habib Sultan

Club – Rotaract Club of UAF

RID – 3272

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