The ideal world


The younger me, ten years back,
I wish you the strength to help everyone in need.
I wish you the courage to fight every ill.

Let the divine principles of compassion, love, and kindness guide your way.
But, if things go the other way and you seem to lose sight,

Always remember, because nothing lasts forever

Your problems too shall pass,
And happiness will find your way.
Today and forever, I pray!
I write this letter under the shade of the Banyan tree. Thank you for planting it with love and taking care of it every day. The branches of the tree have grown tall, providing shelter to birds of yellow, green, and black color. 

Thanks to you for welcoming them with open smiles. The dead lake of our home has begun to fill with life. Now it has water five feet wide. Thanks for your patience, for holding on to it for years. 

Your childhood dream of opening an orphanage has turned out real. Thanks for your unending support to all those children that had made it possible. 

I spend most of my time with them, spreading happiness as much as I can. They teach me the philosophy of an ideal life, which is none other than spreading blissful smiles.

Now, no child shall go to bed hungry, nor would any be a victim of war anymore. Thanks to the people for realizing that war can only destroy and not create. Every country now has no border tensions. 

Thanks to each one of the nations for believing that lending a faithful hand is more important than building tall walls. Villages here are self-sufficient, and people practice kindness.

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Thanks for practicing self-love, meditating and taking care of your body. The world I live in is the world of your dream. For here, everyone exercises empathy more than striving for materialistic needs. 

The old are happy and the young cheerful. All now believe that kindness and compassion are the only things that make a human in a true sense.

The society we live in is like a salad bowl of different individuals having numerous identifications, but each contributing his part to make it better and healthier. It’s a mixture of different people having different views on happiness and sadness. 

An ideal world we want to be in is the way, we perceive it to be. An ideal world of today is one based on equality. Equality not only for us but for every living soul out there, who can’t speak or cry. 

An ideal world of 2030 did not come out easily. It seemed nearly impossible ten years ago, but it was possible because each one of us not only perceived it but left no stone unturned to make this ideal a reality. 

A lot of sacrifices and patience it took and staying positive was its only tool. The ideal world of today would not have been possible if you had perceived the other way round. What if we had been selfish and not acting our part?

An ideal world of tomorrow would depend on the type of seed you sow today, the amount of patience you water every day, and how you wipe out the weeds that breed nothing but negativity before they overpower your plant. 

After years of hard work and perseverance, you finally get your ideal tree, the one that fruits only love for mankind till eternity.

But when I tell you of this, I remember you being impatient and intolerant at times. But I am sure that you’ll overcome it. One piece of advice that I would give my younger self is to be yourself, no matter what. 

Remember to not dwell on disappointments. Rather see them as opportunities. Never feel your life is unfair because whatever happens, happens for your good. 

I know today you are an emotional soul. Emotions aren’t bad. But learn to put them in the right place. If you feel like things are going the other way, have some patience because this too shall end very soon.

From, Your future self!


CLUB – Rotaract Club Of Greater Tezpur

RID# – 3240

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